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  • Welcome to The Offical Website of JJ Racaza

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Colt .45 1911 & 2011 Razorcat
jjRacaza: September 16, 2011


I would just like to share this moment in my life where my own RazorCats were featured in History Channel! Thanks to Johnny Lim for these beautiful beasts…


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5 Responses to “Colt .45 1911 & 2011 Razorcat”

  1. aron mills says:

    man jj if i put a pistol in your hand you can just turn it into a muchean gun

  2. Joey says:

    hey JJ. Funny thing is I just watched this episode on netflix before I got on my computer. I just started shooting about a month ago and I can say proudly the first gun I ever shot was an Uzi, thanks to my uncle. I wish I had money and the knowledge to find and buy one of these for testing. ;P. Keep up the good work JJ.

  3. Jessica says:

    JJ, you are amazing! Top Shot Season 1 was the best because of you. Good luck in all your future endeavors! I’m a big fan!

  4. Nelson says:

    Amazing gun congratulations I wish I had one to test!!!

    I have a Colt .45ACP 1911 but not an A1 model (build in 1911) and this is my baby.. Depite the 100 years old pistol it still very accurate and soft I love it.

  5. T.L. Palmer says:

    absolutely remarkable…watching you two shooting the razorcat was impressive. The Colt 1911 set the stage for a long trip through history which has culminated in its hybred offspring which you both have so eloquently complemented with your talents as marksmen.

    T.L. Palmer – USMC


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