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jj World Shooting Competition Recap

jj World Shooting Competition Recap
jjRacaza: November 20, 2011


There were over 2,500 shooters, over 96 countries and 30 scenario based stages during this competition. I came here believing in my skills and to just implement the plan (thanks J!). Stage after stage, I applied the plan. As a result, I was able to do something that no other shooter for the past 12yrs has done; that is, to take the lead and fight for the Gold all the way to the finish. At the end of the World Shoot, I won the silver medal for my 2nd place overall finish. As the team captain for the US Gold team, I am proud to say that I led my team to winning the gold in the Team event. This officially places me as #2 in the world and #1 in the USA.The end result of this world shoot has taught me an invaluable lesson about life. It has taught me that there will always be deterrents that come your way during the worse times. But, if you believe in your purpose, set a higher standard, (have a plan) and never settle, you will never come short in life or in this case the World Shoot. It is an amazing accomplishment for me because even though I didn’t win the Individuals this time, I have realized that it is not impossible. With a little more training and preparation on both my shooting and mental focus, I can win against this European shooter.

Pistol shooting started out as just a hobby, and as a necessity for self-defense in the Philippines (I was 9 when I first started carrying a 1911). Now, that little hobby has catapulted into my profession, has allowed me to meet some of the greatest people, get a dream job, meet my beautiful wife, and even “made History” on TV! :-)

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3 Responses to “jj World Shooting Competition Recap”

  1. Bon says:

    Kudos JJ Like you I have set my goal to be the Canadian Standard Champion.I got back to practical shooting 2009 after moving to Canada from Manila 1999.Ive measured the Odds and I definitely can do it.I spend my week 3 days in the gym 3days shooting and everyday dry firing.You inspire me as a Filipino to make our mark here in the Americas.I truly believe the next World shoot you will Win!I was expecting you at the Canadian Nationals but it was only Chris T. as they said you cant come because of job responsibilities hopefully Ill see you this side of the border soon.

  2. James Valera says:

    Hi! I love guns,specially with the AR 15′s and 1911 , custom Wilson Combat 1911. I’m also a U.S. Army Veteran,and presently employ with the U.S. Post Office, here in Dallas Tx. This is a Filipino Thing ,since I’m also a Filipino.Your the second or third Filipino that I seen or read in the Gun Magazines ( recoil magazine) that are top marksmanship in these competitions, and there are other more in the Philippines, but I don’t know their names, but I know some Filipino’s in Houston,tx.that are also good in fixing up and competition ready in these 1911 ‘s.Their my wife cousin from Cebu City , like your Fathers hometown.Keep up the good work JJ. Mabuhay sa iyo.

  3. Mark Uttech says:

    My son Wyatt and I love to shoot. He is 9 and we just started target shooting with 22 cal pistols in the back yard. Wyatt really likes it and his accuracy is steadily improving We discovered Top Shot by accident and are watching all of the episodes. We were rooting for you all the way. Good luck to you and thanks for the inspiration
    Mark & Wyatt Uttech


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